Custom Rifles are built on the customer’s choice of action. Very common is the Remington 700 because of the ability to truly accurize this action. Actions are trued and blueprinted on a lathe rather than using reamers and taps which only follow the original out of spec conditions.  The action is mounted into the lathe using a custom built fixture. It is then dialed in using dial indicators measuring .0001. Action lugs are trued. Threads are cut true. The action face is cut true. The bolt is accurized and lapped so that it is trued to this action.

Barrels are all match grade barrels but the choice of manufacture is the customer's. Commonly used barrels are Bartlein, Krieger, Lilja, Hart and Shilen. These barrels are cut to the new dimensions of the action with all tolerances kept to minimum. The chambers are cut with minimum spec reamers cut with no throat. This allows custom throats to be built based on customer needs.

All stocks are high quality steel bedded to the action with pillars or integral chassis systems. Customers choose their preference of stocks based on their individual needs.


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